Wiley X Polarized Sunglasses


$73.57-Airrage Smoke Grey/Metallic Airrage Polarized Silver Flash Lense, Crystal Grey Metallic Frames. Wiley-X AirRage Multi-functional Sun Glasses can be used as Sport, Motorcycle or Tactical Sunglasses. Wiley X Air Rage Sunglasses belong to Wiley-X Climate Control Sunglass Series. Wiley X Climate Control Sun Glasses can’t be beat when it’s imagecome to fast paced action and the need to seal off your eyes from outside elements. You’ll be ready for anything with Wiley-X AirRage Climate Control Sunglasses with Facial Cavity seal. WileyX Air Rage Sunglasses also feature symmetrically vented removable gasket that literally seal the eyes from outside elements. A sunglass strap, included with these Wiley-X Sunglasses, really controls the desired air-flow. Wiley X Air Rage Climate Control Sunglasses provide a superior fit and comfortable view of your surroundings. Wiley-X Air Rage Sunglasses have a compact design that seals the eye orbits from wind, debris, and precipitation. The T-Peg docking system locks an elastic head strap to the sides of the sunglasses ‘ temples, keeping the frame secure. Excellent motorcycle, sport or duty eyewear, Wiley X Airrage Sunglass can be worn with or without the Facial Cavity Seal, depending on the environment and application. All models of Wiley X Airrage Sun Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Safety Standards. Wiley X Air-Rage Multi Functional Sunglasses might be the most comfortable sunglasses you’ll ever wear. Wiley X Airrage Polarized Sunglasses 697 feature Wiley-X Polarized Silver Flash Lenses that seal users eye’s from glare, debris, wind, and precipitation. Wiley X Airrage 697 are excellent boating glasses and perfect for any fishing excursion imagined. Top down ventilation system allows the sun glasses to breathe while you concentrate on the sport you love. Temple strap and semi-hard case included. Includes removable facial cavity seal. Medium zippered case. T-Peg. Cleaning cloth. UPC 712316066976 MPN W697

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UPC 712316066976, Model Number 697

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